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Water Level Meter

With EasyIOT, Fully Tanked Up (FTU) successfully rolled out its flagship product, Tank Level Pro – Bluetooth. As their first product is now on the market, FTU is starting to generate sales and revenue and growing exponentially.

All components of a water level meter that EasyIOT designed

UV Exposure Tracker

Margo bracelet empowers women to be aware of the harmful sun rays their skin is exposed to, which may lead to skin cancer.

UV Exposure Detection

Heating Feedback Control System

A LoRa & 4G based IoT suite that helps heating plants provide a much more consistent QoS and avoid unnecessary fuel consumption by fine-controlling the indoor temperature.

EasyIOT Central Heating Feedback Control System

NB-IoT Smoke Detector

An ultra-low-cost smoke detector that triggers a phone call to a designated mobile number. An online dashboard keeps track of all the trigger events.

NB-IoT Smoke Detector

LoRa Pet Tracker

The first pet tracking device that offers advanced geolocation technology. It’s the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective GPS tracking solution ever created – and it’s the smallest too! Keep track of your pets in real-time on ANY smartphone, tablet or desktop. 

LoRa Pet Tracker
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