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What is firmware & embedded software development?

Firmware and embedded software are often used interchangeably, but they do have some differences.

Firmware refers to the software that is permanently or semi-permanently installed on a device and controls its basic functionality. It is typically low-level software tightly integrated with the device’s hardware and is responsible for controlling the device’s basic functions, such as input/output operations, power management, and communication with other devices.

Embedded software, on the other hand, refers to the software integrated into a larger system or device. It is generally higher-level software that runs on top of the firmware and is responsible for performing specific tasks or functions. Embedded software can be updated or changed more easily than firmware.


What to Expect Work with Us

Understand the Requirements

Gather information about the device's intended function, its environment, and any constraints or requirements that the firmware must meet.

Define the Architecture

Develop a high-level design that describes the overall architecture of the firmware, including the main components and their interactions.

Create a Detailed Design

Develop a detailed design for each component of the firmware, including the algorithms and data structures used.

Implement the Firmware

Write the code for the firmware, following the detailed design.

Test the Firmware

Test the firmware to ensure that it meets the requirements and is stable and reliable. This may include testing on the actual hardware or in simulation environments.

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System Design

- Feasibility analysis
- Detailed product design specification
- Product cost breakdown
- Customized business plan

Industrial & Mechanical Design

- 2D sketches
- High fidelity rendered images
- 3D modeling
- Stress and Failure analysis

Hardware Devlopment

- Component selection
- Schematic capture
- PCB Layout
- BOM generation

Firmware & Embedded Software Development

- Firmware (C/C++) for bare metal and RTOS systems
- Embedded software (C, C++, Python) for Linux or Android systems

Web App Development

- UX & UI design
- Frontend web interface (React, AngularJS)
- Cloud backend & APIs (Javascript, Python, .NET)

Mobile App Development

- UX & UI design
- iOS Mobile App development (Swift)
- Android Mobile App design (Java, Kotlin, C++)
- App Store/Google Play publication

Product Industrialisation

- Package & label design
- Product certification
- Plastic injection molding
- Supplier establishment


- PCB fabrication and assembly
- Test jig development
- Product assembly
- Production management
- Logistics

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