What turnkey product development is like


Your first interaction with EasyIOT is often a discovery call. It allows us to know each other. The discovery call is followed by one or multiple consulting sessions, where we discuss your project in more detail.

Based on our discussion, we generated a customised project proposal. This proposal gives you a clear understanding of what you can expect at every stage. It includes a project roadmap, budget breakdown,  engineering timeline and COGS estimation.

Industrial Mechanical Design
Electronics Product Design


Product design is a dynamic blend of innovation and functionality. Guided by meticulous engineering and creative flair, it crafts devices that seamlessly merge cutting-edge technology with intuitive user experiences. From sleek aesthetics to ergonomic interfaces, every detail is crafted to enrich daily interactions. 

The outcome of the design phase typically includes 2D sketches, 3D rendered images and 3D models.


Your product can’t just look good, and it has to work well. We choose the most suitable hardware and firmware technologies, so your product can achieve all the features you require.

The outcome of the product development phase includes hardware schematics, PCB layout design, and source files for the firmware.

Product Design And Development
Prototype Manufacturing Companies


Creating physical prototypes enables us to evaluate the design, performance, and functionality of your product prior to production.

With in-house PCB fabrication equipment and 3D printers, we can quickly produce prototypes for testing and verification. Testing ensures product safety and provides critical feedback. Refinements can be made, and potential errors eliminated before production begins.

The outcome of this phase is a prototype that looks like and works like the final product.


The prototype undergoes multiple manufacturing tests to ensure the final products have the desired quality.

We design an exceptional package that captures consumer attention, projects your brand’s high quality, and ensures your product is protected during sales and distribution.

We also help you apply for different certifications, so your finished product meets the government requirements for every country it will be sold.

EasyIOT product package 2
EasyIOT product package 1


Our meticulous design process enables a smooth transition to manufacturing and reduces the nightmare of detecting design flaws while in production.

We can either manufacture in-house or collaborate with other manufacturers that you nominate. 

Once the products are manufactured, we’ll organise logistics and deliver your products to your door.

Your Success is Our Success.

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