Manufacturing Services

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What is manufacturing?

Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials, components, or parts into finished products that meet a customer’s specifications. The process typically involves designing and planning, sourcing raw materials and components, assembly and production, testing, packaging and distribution.

As a benefit, businesses can sell completed goods for more money when they manufacture them than when they sell the raw ingredients. Mass production of products utilising assembly line techniques and cutting-edge technology is made possible by large-scale manufacturing. Manufacturers may benefit from economies of scale by using efficient production processes to produce more units at a reduced cost.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

What to Expect Work with Us

Sourcing Components

Our sourcing specialist sources all the components needed for the product, including electronic components, materials, and any other necessary parts.

PCB Fabrication and Assembly

Our factory workers create PCBs and then assemble the components onto them to form complete PCBAs.

Product Assembly

We assemble your product by following detailed instructions and handling components carefully.

Testing and Quality Control

The assembled product is then thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the desired specifications and quality standards.

Packaging and Distribution

We package the product for distribution and shipping to customers.

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System Design

- Feasibility analysis
- Detailed product design specification
- Product cost breakdown
- Customized business plan

Industrial & Mechanical Design

- 2D sketches
- High fidelity rendered images
- 3D modeling
- Stress and Failure analysis

Hardware Devlopment

- Component selection
- Schematic capture
- PCB Layout
- BOM generation

Firmware & Embedded Software Development

- Firmware (C/C++) for bare metal and RTOS systems
- Embedded software (C, C++, Python) for Linux or Android systems

Web App Development

- UX & UI design
- Frontend web interface (React, AngularJS)
- Cloud backend & APIs (Javascript, Python, .NET)

Mobile App Development

- UX & UI design
- iOS Mobile App development (Swift)
- Android Mobile App design (Java, Kotlin, C++)
- App Store/Google Play publication

Product Industrialisation

- Package & label design
- Product certification
- Plastic injection molding
- Supplier establishment


- PCB fabrication and assembly
- Test jig development
- Product assembly
- Production management
- Logistics

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