Product Industrialisation

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What is product industrialisation?

Product industrialization is the process of transitioning a product from its prototype stage to a mass-manufactured, commercially viable product.

Scaling a prototype requires careful preparation and testing. To ensure that the final product meets the desired quality standards, three rounds of testing must be conducted: Engineering Validation Test (EVT), Design Validation Test (DVT), and Production Validation Test (PVT). Custom tools such as injection moulds and test fixtures must be created for manufacturing and testing. Other important tasks, such as package design and product certification, must also be completed.


What to Expect Work with Us

Design Optimization

Our engineers optimize your product for mass production, considering factors such as material selection, manufacturing processes, and assembly methods.

Tooling and Equipment

Our engineers design and manufacture the tools and equipment to meet the requirements of the selected manufacturing processes.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our engineers conduct thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure that the product meets customer requirements and industry standards. This may include physical testing, simulation testing, and reliability testing.

Certification & Approval

We'll let you know the certificates you need and send your prototype to the selected testing laboratory for compliance tests. We'll make design changes if the prototype doesn't pass all the required tests.

Product Package Design

Our product package designer uses attractive graphics, chooses materials suitable for the product and environment, and ensures compliance with relevant regulations.

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System Design

- Feasibility analysis
- Detailed product design specification
- Product cost breakdown
- Customized business plan

Industrial & Mechanical Design

- 2D sketches
- High fidelity rendered images
- 3D modeling
- Stress and Failure analysis

Hardware Devlopment

- Component selection
- Schematic capture
- PCB Layout
- BOM generation

Firmware & Embedded Software Development

- Firmware (C/C++) for bare metal and RTOS systems
- Embedded software (C, C++, Python) for Linux or Android systems

Web App Development

- UX & UI design
- Frontend web interface (React, AngularJS)
- Cloud backend & APIs (Javascript, Python, .NET)

Mobile App Development

- UX & UI design
- iOS Mobile App development (Swift)
- Android Mobile App design (Java, Kotlin, C++)
- App Store/Google Play publication

Product Industrialisation

- Package & label design
- Product certification
- Plastic injection molding
- Supplier establishment


- PCB fabrication and assembly
- Test jig development
- Product assembly
- Production management
- Logistics

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