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LoRa Pet Tracker

GBT Technologies

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Our client from GBT Technologies had a great vision to design a pet tracking device that is accurate, reliable, cost-effective and small enough so that it can be attached to a pet’s collar. The client approached EasyIOT with an early-stage prototype (tracker) that communicates with a stationary gateway that has to be plugged into the home WiFi router. The client would like to develop a portable gateway so their products can be used while the pet owners are away from home. In addition, they required IoT features such as accessing pets’ location in real-time, on any smartphone, tablet or desktop. 

Product Design


Guardian Orb: A tracker that attaches to the pet’s collar and pairs with either Guardian Go or Guardian Home. 

Guardian Home: A gateway plugged into the internet router that tracks a pet up to ten miles. It pairs with a smartphone, tablet or desktop via wifi or cellular network. 

Guardian Go: A portable gateway that can fit right in a pocket and pair with a mobile device via Bluetooth. It tracks up to ten miles and has 16-hour battery life.

Mobile App: A mobile app that displays the pet’s location in real-time.

What we did

After looking into the client’s requirements, we decided to use LoRa as the wireless technology between the tracker and the portable gateway, as it can cover a radius of a few kilometres and doesn’t rely on the cellular network. That means no monthly fee for the end-users.

Based on this theory, we designed a portable gateway that collects the pet’s location data via LoRa. This gateway can be paired with the affiliated mobile app, which was designed by us as well. When the gateway receives a pet’s location, it forwards it to the mobile app (end-user) straightaway.

GW portable Tracker
Lora Pet Tracker


EasyIOT turned GBT technologies’ early-stage prototype into shippable products and helped them successfully deliver their first batch of products that were presold on a crowdfunding platform in time. The product went viral after it rolled out in the US, and has given tens of thousands of pets owner peace of mind till now.

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