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Tanned skin has become very fashionable for young people but the chance of getting skin cancer due to excessive UV exposure is concerning. Most existing UV exposure trackers are designed as either a bracelet or a tag, which can be pretty boring to wear. As a jewellery designer, Margo Studio came up with the idea to incorporate UV exposure detection into their jewellery bracelet design so that UV exposure can be tracked in people’s everyday life and in a pleasing way. They partnered with EasyIOT to bring their product idea to life. 

Tranditional UV Exposure Tracker
UV Exposure Tracker Banner


Margo bracelet empowers women to be aware of the harmful sun rays their skin is exposed to, which may lead to skin cancer. The product monitors the UV index and the user’s duration of exposure. It glows differently under different UV conditions. The LED lights up in red when the accumulated UV exposure goes beyond the safety threshold. 

What we did

To fit in the client’s existing product design, we decided to put all the electronics components on a flex PCB. The space constraints made the mechanical design and hardware design very challenging. After several months of hard work and numerous rounds of revisions, our team put together a PCB board that not only fits perfectly in the bracelet but also works reliably in field testing.

Flex pcb
UV Exposure Detection


EasyIOT turned Margo Studio’s vision into shippable products and helped them successfully deliver their first batch of products that were preordered by their clients. As of now, EasyIOT is working with the client on the 2nd version of the product which should allow the bracelet to send the data to a mobile app where more complicated calculations and predictions can be made and historic UV exposure data can be tracked.

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