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Heating Feedback Control System


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Central heating refers to heating plants in large cities that provide heat to radiators through pipes in apartment buildings, schools, hospitals etc.

Traditionally, it has been a massive challenge for heating companies to monitor or control the temperate at the user’s end due to heat loss during transmission. Thanks to EasyIOT, the team at HKai was able to create a system that allowed heating companies to monitor the temperature in serviced areas and fine-control it.

To these heating companies, this means being able to provide a more consistent QoS by sending more heat to areas with a temperature below the threshold and less to those with a temperature above it.

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Electronic Product Design


The IoT suite consists of a node device, a gateway, a repeater and a dashboard. The node device is an ungraded power point that has a temperature sensor at the back. It samples the indoor temperature and uploads this information to the cloud backend via the gateway and optionally the repeater as well. The heating company can access all the temperature information on the dashboard from any browser. This temperature information is further integrated into the heating companies’ feedback control loop to auto adjust the heat transmission.

What we did

While the development of the dashboard went pretty smoothly, the development of those hardware products, i.e. node device (power point), gateway and repeater failed halfway and could cause a potential $1M loss for HKai. HKai approached EasyIOT when they were only 3 months before their deadline.

After looking into the problem, EasyIOT confirmed that the product development failed because of poor system engineering, which is the 1st stage of any product development lifecycle. This means all the products would need to be re-developed from scratch. EasyIOT decided to take this very challenging task to develop 3 hardware products that have to work together with the existing cloud infrastructure in less than 3 months.

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Embedded Hardware Development


EasyIOT successfully delivered the project in two and a half-month. The hardware products work seamlessly with the cloud backend and web app. Hkai managed to deliver the product to its customers before the deadline and has achieved a multi-million dollar financial success so far.

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