Five Top-Rated IoT Solutions Companies in Sydney

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Hey there, if you want the latest IoT solutions to boost your company, you’re in the right spot. IoT can transform your business by making operations smoother and improving customer experiences. Not sure where to begin? That’s where we can jump in. Let’s check out the best IoT companies in Sydney, Australia, and see how they can upgrade your business.

Benefits of IoT Solutions in Different Industries

First, you need to understand how IoT solutions can benefit your business. Let’s explore how IoT is transforming key industries in Australia—agriculture, mining, and healthcare—to highlight its potential.


IoT is changing traditional farming into precision agriculture. Sensors measure soil moisture, temperature, and nutrients, helping farmers optimise irrigation and fertilisation. Drones with IoT technology provide aerial images and crop monitoring, detecting pests, diseases and other issues early. This data and automation improve crop yields, reduce resource use and support sustainable farming.


IoT is transforming mining by improving resource extraction and management. Sensors in mining equipment monitor performance and conditions in real-time, enabling predictive maintenance and reducing downtime. IoT analytics offer insights into geological data and operations. This insight can optimise extraction processes and increase yields.


IoT has a significant impact on healthcare. Providers can remotely monitor patients’ vital signs and conditions, allowing early intervention. Asset tracking ensures essential equipment and medications are available, improving care delivery. IoT analytics provide insights into patient trends and operational efficiencies, driving data-driven healthcare improvements.

Advantages of Working With a Local IoT Provider

Given the huge potential of IoT, companies of all sizes offer it, from small businesses to tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. While it might be cheaper to work with overseas providers, choosing a local IoT solution company has many advantages based on your needs and circumstances:

Proximity and Accessibility

Being local means you can easily have face-to-face meetings. This helps with discussing requirements, troubleshooting issues, and building a close working relationship. It also makes on-site support and demonstrations easier.

Understanding of Local Market

A local IoT provider better understands the local market, regulations, and customer preferences. This helps in creating solutions that meet your specific needs and compliance requirements.

Quick Deployment and Support

Local companies can deploy solutions faster as they can quickly mobilise resources and offer on-site support. This is especially useful for time-sensitive projects or urgent troubleshooting.

Cultural Alignment

Working with a local company can lead to better cultural alignment since they share similar values, norms, and language. This makes communication and collaboration smoother throughout the project.

Top Five Internet of Things Companies in Sydney  


Years in business: 5

Address: Level 2/11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

Description: EasyIOT is a contract product design and manufacturing company specialising in IoT. Unlike a typical IoT company that relies solely on off-the-shelf products, EasyIOT stands out for its exceptional ability to create fully bespoke solutions. EasyIOT combines existing components with custom designs, ensuring the final solution perfectly suits your requirements. The company’s comprehensive team of designers and engineers across multiple disciplines provides a worry-free experience that drives your business growth.


Years in business: 100+

Address: 400 George St, Sydney NSW 2000


Telstra is a big name in IoT. We know them for telecom services, but they’re also major in IoT. For example, they offer 4G and SIM cards, plans and platforms for IoT. These help different industries like farming, health, and manufacturing. Their IoT solutions cover things like managing connections, devices and data.


Years in business: 9

Address: Level 8/11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000


Thinxtra is new and all about IoT solutions. They focus on connecting IoT devices, especially using LPWAN tech like Sigfox. They offer services for different industries like cities, farming and tracking. They mainly work in the Asia-Pacific region.

Morse Micro

Years in business: 8

Address: Level 8/10-14 Waterloo St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


Unlike Telstra and Thinxtra, Morse Micro specialises in microchips. Consequently, most solutions are based on bespoke microchips, such as their signature Wi-Fi HaLow for IoT. It works on a lower frequency, reaching farther and through obstacles. Morse Micro’s chips connect many IoT devices, from homes to industries. They’re designed for low power, long-range, secure connections and easy scaling.


Years in business: 9

Address: Level 4/655 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards NSW 2065


Meshed is another prominent IoT solution company based in Sydney. The company focuses on deploying and managing IoT networks for various applications. Their IoT solutions are mostly reliant on mesh networks using technologies like LoRaWAN. Those solutions enable efficient and cost-effective connectivity for smart cities, agriculture and asset tracking.

Tips on Choosing an IoT Solutions Provider

Choosing the right IoT solutions provider is crucial for your business’s digital transformation journey. Here are some factors to consider:

Industry Expertise and Experience

Seek a provider with a deep understanding of your industry’s challenges. Experience in your sector can significantly impact your IoT project’s success.

Scalability and Flexibility

Ensure the provider’s solutions can grow with your business. Scalability accommodates increasing data volumes and device connections over time. Flexibility adapts to changing business needs and technological advancements.

Data Security and Privacy

Protect sensitive IoT-generated data with robust security measures. Look for certifications such as ISO 27001 for information security management systems and GDPR compliance for data protection.

Integration Capabilities

Assess if the provider’s solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, applications and infrastructure. Integration maximises the value of your IoT investment and ensures interoperability.

Support and Maintenance

Consider the provider’s level of technical support and maintenance services. Reliable support minimises downtime and disruptions to your operations.

Cost and ROI

Evaluate the cost of ownership (TCO) of the provider’s solutions, including upfront fees, ongoing expenses and potential ROI. Prioritise value and ROI over upfront savings.

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When selecting the perfect IoT solution company for your project, you want to ensure you make the best choice.

If you’re in Australia, don’t miss out on EasyIOT, an IoT solution provider specialising in highly customisable IoT solutions. With headquarters in Sydney and manufacturing facilities in China, it has access to a broad range of IoT products and can develop bespoke hardware or software products if necessary.

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